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Roof Edge Trims

Building Supplies Online have a wide range of lead flashing, Fibreglass and roof edge trim options for your flat roof trim projects needs.

Our lead flashing and fibreglass roof edge trim products come in different shapes and sizes and our Roof Edge Trims are made from fibreglass to make them extra durable and weatherproof. All materials come from Cromar so when you buy with us you know you are buying top quality Lead flashing, Fibreglass and roof edge trim products at amazing value for money.

Fibreglass 3m Large Drip Fascia Trim

A Fibreglass Drip Edge Flat Roof Trim is fitted to the lowest edge of the roof where the rainwater flows into the gutter. To ensure the vertical leg of the lead flashing trim sits into the centre of the gutter, the lead flashing trim needs to be packed out by using two support battens, the first fixed just below the level of the deck and the second 10mm below the first, to allow your lead flashing flat roof trim to sit flush with the roof.

Fibreglass Raised Edge Trim

Compatible with the C1 corner which is a hot press moulded GRP pre-formed external corner it is recommended that If a ladder is likely to be leant against a B type Fiberglass trim for regular access to the roof, the trim will need to be reinforced to avoid the fibreglass being deformed. The fibreglass trim can either be doubled up by slotting a section of extra trim within the section where the ladder will be used or it can be reinforced with an extra layer of GRP laminate and then tissue to maintain a smooth finish.

Cromarprovides an extensive range to Building Supplies Online which enables us to be a one-stop shop for all pitched and flat roofing products including Lead flashing, Fibreglass, roof edge trim and flat roof trim.

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