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Mattocks & Picks

What is a Mattock?

A mattock is a hand tool intended for digging and chopping. A mattock is an agricultural tool shaped similar to a pickaxe, with a broad adze blade (which is a horizontal blade) and an axe blade. The combination of two different types of blade makes the mattock so good because it is essentially two tools in one, making it useful and an efficient way of purchasing garden equipment.

The momentum of a heavy mattock head at the end of the long handle will give the axe greater momentum and force than you could achieve with a spade or any other piece of garden equipment, whilst the adze allows earth to be moved more easily.  At BSO we offer several different types of mattocks that you can choose from.

Why Use a Mattock?

  • A mattock is a great and essential garden tool to have because it is versatile and can be used for many different things, including: cutting out tree roots, breaking up soft ground or soil, or to dig and hoe.
  • The mattocks are ideal for use in confined spaces such as trenches, making use of smaller size and high-quality materials to ensure versatility and functionality all in one singular tool. They are also great for cutting up roots or breaking up soil.
  • Mattocks are perfect for breaking up rocks and compact soil (using the pick end) or to dig and hoe (using the mattock side) for use in borders and raised bed.
  • The head of this mattock is made from drop-forged steel which will distribute the grain of the steel, to increase the strength and hardness, with a pick at one end and a mattock at the other.
  • The steel head has been roll forged to avoid thickness, while increasing strength simultaneously.
  • They also include a fibreglass handle which is lightweight with a soft rubber grip to ensure safety as you will reduce the chance of slippage, and enhances comfort.
  • This fibreglass handle has a solid core to ensure strength and durability, and has a protective polypropylene jacket which further consolidates this longevity.
  • All the mattocks are easy to store and transport, and have a black painted finish to look sleek and uniform.
  • Other mattocks are premium and are most suitable for breaking up soft ground and cutting out tree roots.

Our Range of Mattocks & Picks

Below are the current mattocks that we offer here. Depending on your desired use, we have multiple different types of mattock, from both Roughneck and Kent & Stowe.

  • Roughneck is a great brand to purchase from due to the high quality, long-lasting performance and technical innovation promised when you buy a product from this manufacturer, who have an ever growing positive global reputation.
  • Kent & Stowe have a 10 year guarantee from purchase (it can be registered on their website), which proves that this well priced garden tool does not come at the expense of quality, with the mattock promising longevity and durability. 

At BSO you can also purchase new handles for picks, mattocks and mauls. For whatever reason that has led to you needing to replace your handle, this is a reliable handle that will last for a prolonged period of time assuming it is properly used. More advanced mattocks also feature one vertical cutter edge and one horizontal cutter edge, making it a very versatile mattock with opportunity for different uses.

BSO gives an option of either purchasing pick mattocks or cutter mattocks, so you can find the mattock that will do the best job for you depending on your requirements.

Choosing your Mattock

Mattock heads that have been tempered and heat treated will tend to be stronger and more durable than others.

  • Roll forged mattocks will usually be stronger than drop forged mattocks. If you’re looking for a pick mattock rather than cutter or claw mattocks, roll forged would be the better option as it will have endured a greater impact force which makes this roll forged characteristic more beneficial.
  • If you want your mattock for small amounts of work, drop forged is a better option as this strength is less necessary, and drop forged will tend to be a cheaper alternative, so for those on a budget or with minimal work required, drop forged is a good choice.
  • Mattock heads with powder coating will be more resistant to rust meaning they require less maintenance, making it a durable option with majority of cost being upfront at initial purchase.
  • The difference between a pick mattocks and a cutter mattocks is that a pick mattocks is an adze and a pick, whereas a cutter mattock will tend to just have the adze, making it good for cutting roots. Therefore a pick mattock is more versatile for if you want to grub in hard soils and rocky terrain.

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    Roughneck Micro Fibreglass Handle Pick Mattock 400g (0.88lb)
  2. Image For Roughneck Micro Fibreglass Handle Cutter Mattock - 400g (0.88lb)
    Roughneck Micro Fibreglass Handle Cutter Mattock 400g (0.88lb)
  3. Image For Roughneck Fibreglass Handle Pick Mattock - 2.27kg (5lb)
    Roughneck Fibreglass Handle Pick Mattock 2.27kg (5lb)
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    Kent & Stowe Hand Pick Mattock - Carbon Steel
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