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Explore our range of playhouses from industry leading brand Forest Garden

Playhouses have become increasingly popular in recent years as a feature in your garden for children to love and play in for hours on end. Choosing a playhouse is the most difficult part, there are so manty choose from and a lot of different aspects to consider, from cost, style, purpose, size etc.

After this decision, you are then faced with other aspects to consider such as whether you will assemble it, will you need to decorate it, maintenance and so on.

Our Range of Playhouses

Playhouses are buildings situated outside typically in the garden and are made for children, therefore are designed to accommodate as such. They are a safe and creative space for your children to play and enjoy themselves for hours. Playhouses come in a vast range of styles with varying features for different purposes in mind, these include:

  • Cottage playhouses
  • Wooden playhouses
  • Log cabin play houses
  • Two story playhouses

When choosing a playhouse other questions you might want to consider is which is the safest, which is best suited for your child’s age range, what will fit in your garden and which one will your child get the most enjoyment out of.

The first and foremost thing about playhouses that any parent would like to be 100% regarding is the safety of the product. Allowing your child to have independence in their own little space can be something quite scary for some parents, therefore it is recommended that they are supervised at all times by an adult.

However, all playhouses are safety tested to the British Standards BS-EN71 for domestic use, which does give peace of mind that all aspects of safety have been considered during the playhouse’s construction.

Another thing parent’s like to consider is whether they are going to be able to assemble the playhouse themselves. The playhouses come with comprehendible and straight forward instructions. It is recommended that there are at least two adults to help assemble the playhouse.

It is also important to have a flat, level surface for the base of the playhouse to sit, this allows the playhouse to last longer and provide more years of great outdoor fun.

Choosing your Playhouse

Wooden Playhouses

Wooden playhouses are the most common type of playhouse due to the material being hardwearing, long lasting and practical for any weather. Therefore, the playhouse will last during the winter months and remain in a good condition. In addition to this the wooden feature would make an aesthetically pleasing feature in your garden which can be enjoyed by children and parents.

The wooden Playhouses are made from the best quality wood and are constructed using strong groove panels and a sturdy tongue to ensure its safety and reliability

Two Storey Playhouses

The two-storey playhouse is a very popular product for many children and would make a perfect surprise or present for any child. The two-storey play house is long lasting, not only in terms of practicality due to being made from the finest wood, it is also something that children can start playing with from an early age and right through their childhood, it will become a childhood treasure for memories.

The two-storey playhouse is perfect for make believe role play, it allows them to have their own little house which could be fitted with a pretend kitchen or bedroom to enhance play time.

Cottage Playhouses

These make a beautiful feature in any garden regardless of the size and are perfect for children to play in for hours on end. They can have barn style door and picket fences out the front to create the perfect vintage cottage.

Tower Playhouses

This playhouse is perfect for the older child, it becomes their own private playground/hideout with a ladder and a slide. Hours of fun can be spent up in the playhouse whether it is a make-believe fairy castle or spaceship.

Playhouses are perfect to allow children’s imaginations run wild, they are endless ways a playhouse can be used for both boys and girls. It is a brilliant way to get children outside and enjoy the fresh air whilst playing, instead of being stuck to game consoles and tv screens.

When purchasing a playhouse, a common question is whether they are going to be worth It, will they outgrow it quickly and will they get bored of it? However, playhouses are brilliant for enhancing a child’s creativity and imagination, they will discover countless ways to use the playhouse and play for hours on end.

Additionally, when your child has outgrown the playhouse is can be passed on to another child due to its durable and long-lasting material.

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