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Picket Fencing

Picket Fencing

On our website we use Forest Garden to manufacture our Picket Fencing, who are known for outdoor structures with a strong build. They have always been an option for unique outdoor furniture and structures, offering good value prices for high quality products.

We have a huge range of picket fencing available. Our Picket Fence Panels can be stained in white or left as a natural finish. Picket Fencing is a very Traditional Fencing option. Picket Fencing is a Wood Fence made from wooden picket pails which are then attached to a rail with gaps left in between the pales.

Have you just moved house and you are renovating your garden? Have you just bought a new pet and you want to keep a safe outside area? Are you looking to increase the safety of your garden? Or are you simply just wanting a new picket fence? Whoever you are, wherever you are, we have a range of fences that we are confident will suit your requirements.

What is Picket Fencing?

Picket Fencing has been a popular design option for Wood Fence for many years, and Picket Fencing is typically seen featured when surrounding front gardens or areas. This is because Picket Fencing is ideal for marking off or protecting boundaries, but the spacing in the Traditional Fencing means that light is able to pass through, which makes Picket Fencing appear more open and less closed off.

This means that Picket Fencing will fit into most properties and gardens, and it is a great option of Wood Fence for when you are trying to protect or mark out an area without blocking the view of it, which makes Picket Fencing ideal for areas like ponds or pools, which visibility is desirable for.

Picket Fencing would make an especially great feature in a well planted garden, as the Picket Fencing will allow plants to grow in and around it, Forest Garden Picket Fencing allows this. Picket Fencing is typically made from a Wood Fence, because of this your Picket Fence can be stained white or left as their natural colour.

When achieving the look of a traditional garden, white Picket Fencing would make for a more aesthetically pleasing look, to attain this, you could simply stain your Forest Garden Picket Fence white instead of going out of your way to buy white Picket Fencing.

Why Choose Picket Fencing? 

  • We have a range of prices from as little of £23 up to £90 for 6ft of fencing. This means that whatever budget you have, you should be able to find a Picket Fence that suits your allocated amount.
  • Some of our fences are designed and manufactured from pressure treated timber, meaning that they have a long life span and are resistant to corrosion from weathering. Not only this but the timber is aesthetically pleasing as well as practical.
  • We also have some fences available in FSC certified timber, which comes from sustainable sources, if that is something you are interested in investing in.
  • We have different styles of fencing, some which are simple and plain, just to do their practical use. Then we have a few more decorative picket fences, which add an element of decor to your garden. If you are looking to renovate and create a more contemporary and modern feel, we have that available.
  • As opposed to having a solid fence that adds a solid and plain structure to your garden, picket fencing provides a more attractive structure that would not affect the overall decor of your garden.
  • If you are in search of Picket Fencing to add an element of safety to your garden, we have some fences that are 3.5ft tall, avoiding trespassers on your property.
  • All the fences have the natural markings from the timber wood, to create an aesthetic and real finish to your garden. By keeping the markings, you are embracing the original look of the wood and creating a more traditional feel to your garden.
  • On average, the fences that have been pressure treated will on average last about 20 years. Making this a worthwhile investment, due to the durable and long lasting nature of the wood.
  • The picket fencing is easy to install and easy to maintain, once purchased I can assure you this investment will be worth it.

Choosing your Picket Fencing

Our Picket Fencing comes in a number of styles. We have a panelled fence which creates a modern and simple look, Hampton fence panel has a traditional and rustic feel to it, creating a comfortable aesthetic.

To further this range, we have a decorative Hit & Miss dome top fence panel available, which is a stylish and modern fence with an eye catching aesthetic. If any of these sound like they could work for you, head over to Building Supplies Online for more information.

Our website provides various information about each fence available, including aesthetic characteristics, material manufacturing and sizes. This will give enough information to make your decision. This selection of picket fencing should has everything you would need for a charming addition to your garden.

Our range of Picket Fencing comes in all different heights, panel shapes and styles, and we offer our Wood Fence Picket Fencing from the brand Forest Garden. Forest garden has a lot of different Picket Fencing options to choose from, so shop Forest Garden Wood Fence on our website now.

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    Forest Pale Fence Panel - 6ft x 3ft (1.83m x 0.9m)
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    Forest Ultima Pale Fence Panel - 6ft x 3ft (1.83m x 0.9m)
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