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Planters are a must have garden feature. They are a fantastic way to give your garden a fresh landscape all year round. Building Supplies Online offers an array of durable and stylish planters to compliment the desired theme of your garden.

Why Planters?

The beauty of having planters in your back garden is that they can transform any sized space that you are working with. If you wish to see beautiful peonies blooming in your garden our range of planters are the ideal solution. The affordable price and durable material mean you can enjoy personalising your garden space with planters that won’t eat into your wallet or landscape.

If you wish to create your own garden sanctuary, why not add depth to your garden with our spacious and befitting floor planters. Ranging in various materials such as wood and plastic on the Building Supplies Online website, you will be sure to find a visual that suits your needs no matter what finish. Floor planters containing your favourite plants compliment spacious gardens by providing a relaxing atmosphere and a taste of the British countryside in your own home!

What Kind of Lifestyle Suits Owning Planters?

Any! The major benefit to owning planters is that you truly can customise their uses to suit your needs. If you have little spare time to be doting on your vegetation, buying a large-style planter allows you to water your plants less frequently without affecting their lifespan due to its ability to hold a larger volume of water.

If gardening is a keen interest of yours, planters aid both beginners and experts by providing an easy, controlled environment in which to grow vegetables, herbs or flowers of your choice. You are able to keep a close eye on the growth and maintenance of your garden in self-contained and stylish planters, a prime feature in any well loved garden.

If you live solo, you can create your own personal serenity with your favourite flowers and scents. Any outdoor entertainment space with a touch of you is sure to be admired by friends and family.

Planters are a perfect way to give responsibility and educational fun to your children by growing their favourite vegetables- no more tantrums at dinner time! It is easy to maintain and can keep them occupied during school holidays.

Which Flowers Suit Planters Best?

Here are some horticultural must-haves if you are needing some inspiration for your nifty garden planters

  • Pansies- Splashes of colour from one flower! The glorious white,purple and yellow blooms of delicate pansies are surprisingly long-lasting and can be cared for well in planters, meaning they are likely to bloom again come spring.
  • Roses- The unmistakable decadence of rose planters are perfect for those looking for striking, statement pieces amongst the understated vegetation.
  • Coleus- Bring some life into your garden by having beautiful butterflies and bumblebees pay a visit to your pollinating coleus planters!

Get Creative with your Planters

Wooden Planters

Why not add a touch of colour to your garden by painting your wooden planters? During the summer months, pastel planters can offer an airy and calming feel. If you prefer chic and on-trend motifs, why not personalise your wooden planters with cool grey shades, the colour that has taken interior trends by storm in recent months. By making minor adaptations to personalise your planter, you can make not only the vegetation in your planters stand out- but the whole garden too!


Bland one-dimensional gardens can make even the most spacious of greens appear lacklustre. By incorporating floor planters from Building Supplies Online you can create a vibrant dynamic with flowers and plants blooming on different levels! To maximise the natural beauty of this scene, be sure to include a variety of herbs and petal flowers into each planter.

Homegrown Goodness

The multi-functional use of our planters means that you aren’t limited to standard garden plants. If you value clean living or want to find a relaxing hobby, look no further! Planters can offer perfect conditions to grow delicious herbs such as basil, thyme and rosemary to season family dishes from your very own back garden.

Why not invest in an affordable and reliable large size planter from our website and grow chillies, potatoes and essential vegetables to bring flavour and goodness to every meal. Despite their low maintenance and non-invasive size, planters could become the heart of your daily routine.

Cocktails Anyone?

When the summer months are nearing, you can be ready for cocktail season by using one of our planters as a grow-your-own cocktail garden! Think coriander martinis, fresh mojitos and lavender vodka spritzer! You’ll always be fully prepared for entertaining guests on warm summer evenings with your planter doing the hard work for you. No matter what your requirement is, practical or aesthetic, we offer you a variety of planters in different sizes and styles to complete your home space.

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  1. Image for Forest Toulouse Planter
    Forest Toulouse Planter
  2. Image for Forest Deep Root Planter - 1m
    Forest Deep Root Planter - 1m
  3. Image for Forest Linear Planter - Long
    Forest Linear Planter - Long
  4. Image for Forest Linear Planter - Square
    Forest Linear Planter - Square
  5. Image for Forest Agen Planter
    Forest Agen Planter
  6. Image for Forest Slender Planter - Large
    Forest Slender Planter - Large
  7. Image for Forest Slender Planter - Small
    Forest Slender Planter - Small
  8. Image for Forest Linear Planter - Double
    Forest Linear Planter - Double
  9. Image for Forest Cambridge Planter - 100cm x 50cm
    Forest Cambridge Planter - 100cm x 50cm
  10. Image for Forest Cambridge Planter - 150cm x 50cm
    Forest Cambridge Planter - 150cm x 50cm
  11. Image for Forest Deep Root Planter - 1.8m
    Forest Deep Root Planter - 1.8m
  12. Image for Forest Durham Rectangular Planter - Set of 3
    Forest Durham Rectangular Planter - Set of 3
  13. Image for Forest Kendal Square Planter - Set of 3
    Forest Kendal Square Planter - Set of 3
  14. Image for Forest Kitchen Garden Trough
    Forest Kitchen Garden Trough
  15. Image for Forest York Hexagonal Planter - Set of 3
    Forest York Hexagonal Planter - Set of 3
  16. Image For Fiskars Solid™ Planters Trowel
    Fiskars Solid™ Planters Trowel
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