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Building Supplies Online offers many different Pavilions, which are an amazing addition to your garden, especially for the summer. The pavilion is an octagonal shape, offering a modern spin on a summer house with a diverse shape.

This pavilion is constructed by Forest Gardens, who are the leading manufacturers in the UK for garden furniture and structures, and are trustworthy for providing quality products so you can be rest-assured that you’re buying the best of the best.

It can either be home delivered for you to set up yourself, or for a little bit more you can order it to be home delivered and set up for you, so it’s ready to be used straight away without having to worry about constructing it yourself.

About Pavilions

  • Most pavilions contain around five benches, meaning you can sit multiple people comfortably — at least five, depending on how much space you want — which makes it perfect for entertaining guests.
  • They are all manufactured from Pressure Treated Timber, making them durable and able to withstand both considerable damage as well as exposure to all of the elements.
  • The Burford Pavilion includes a solid timber roof and integrated floor surrounded by a strong structure.
  • This integrated floor means that you have a solid ground to walk on, making it feel like a seclusive hut or summer house as opposed to a pergola.
  • There is the option of getting a pavilion with (two) lattice side panels, which are perfect for hanging or climbing plants or vines.
  • Has three wooden back panels to protect you inside from any kind of element - whether that be wind or rain.
  • An open front differentiates it from a summer house or shed, with the openness allowing you to communicate with people outside of the pavilion, and still get sunlight from the day into the room, or to watch the sunset.
  • It has a 15 year manufacturers guarantee, so you never have to worry about it being damaged, or the wood rotting.
  • This pavilion has a guaranteed longevity and needs no maintenance.
  • You can fit in sofa cushions or throw pillows in order to make it a more homely seating space for you and your friends or family.
  • The floor construction is made up of Integral sectional timber floor.
  • The roof construction is made up of a tongue and groove.

Why should you get a pavilion?

  • It is a perfect ‘little corner of bliss’ for your garden, with the opportunity to be a little bit more secluded from the world for those who want some privacy or a peaceful escape from the world or life for a few hours.
  • It is the perfect place to entertain, with a place to sit and relax for family and friends, or to host a barbecue or dinner party.
  • It’s also a great place to sit and have drinks when the sun is setting on a summer evening. It adds value to your home.
  • A massively sought after add on to your home, it will make your home worth more if you ever move, or even just to look better to people visiting.
  • It makes your home stand out — it’s an addition to your garden that will be consistently complimented by your guests.
  • A wooden pavilion is environmentally friendly as construction actively reduces carbon emissions as well as absorbing carbon dioxide.
  • This is a beautiful sight all year round. Ideally for summer, it can also be a nice place to sit when it’s a little colder with a blanket, or to watch the rain while remaining protected.
  • It’s a simple yet effective design. It doesn’t have anything that stands out too much that could be too quirky for you, yet the lattice offers a nice addition to be a little more different than an average pavilion.
  • The lattice gives you the opportunity to grow plants on it, giving your garden a natural look that is immersed in nature.
  • It gives you the excuse to spend more time outside!

Why Should you Purchase your Pavilion from Building Supplies Online?

BSO aims for the best quality customer service and experience, with the customers at the heart of our business. We are a market leader in DIY products BSO offers this product at a cheap, competitive price on well known brands. The pavilion we offer is by Forest Gardens, a UK renowned company.

Our cheaper prices is because of our sourcing methods — we source everything ethically, meaning you can trust us as a reliable builders merchant We deliver nationwide and you can choose your delivery day and time to what suits you, rather than having to work around a small window of time.

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