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A garden arbour is a stunning wooden garden feature that can transform your garden. At Building Supplies Online, we offer a selection of garden arbours, which are ideal for creating a lovely shaded spot in your garden for relaxing and quality time.

We offer garden arbours with or without in-built seats so the choice is yours. Whether you want to create a cosy area where you can relax with a book, or want somewhere to keep that barbeque going all year round –we have the perfect arbour for your needs.

Not only will a garden arbour provide your garden with a tranquil garden seating area, its trellis sides and back, can also support climbing plants for a truly picturesque garden feature.

Garden Arbours from Forest Garden

Decorate with your favourite flowers and plants to match your personal taste Forest are the UK's leading and most trusted manufacturer and distributor of quality wooden garden products for over 50 years.

With two sawmills in the UK processing locally-sourced timber, plus a Head Office in Worcestershire, they currently manufacture and deliver garden buildings, fencing, decking and decorative garden structures to over 3000 retail outlets. The timber they use is cut in their very own sawmills from trees grown in the UK.

Also, the range is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® and the products proudly carry the FSC® logo – providing you with the peace of mind that your timber is ethically sourced from well-managed, sustainable forests that are replanted for future generations. All Forest products come with a 15 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay.

Our Range of Garden Arbours

There are a large number of Forest styles of garden arbours available at Building Suppliers Online to suit the style you are looking for, including; different sizes, shapes, colours and patterns. Each of which will be sure to bring some life to your garden space. There are garden arbours available to suit 2 or 4 people, as well as sheltered arbours suited to store your BBQ or other garden products.

This range consists of both corner and bench style arbours so that you can choose the style that best suit the space you require it for. Why not decorate your seated areas with pillows and throws for a stylish and cosy look that will be inviting to all.

The Forest products range from sizes, 199x170x70 to 250x233x161, with other 10 sizes to choose from. Forest also produce ranges of pergolas, summerhouses, garden arches, gazebos and many more, check them out at Building Supplies Online to make a selection that best suits your garden’s needs.

Why choose a garden arbour? 

  • Arbours have become increasingly popular in recent years as space-saving alternatives to gazebos or pavilions.
  • You can paint or stain your arbour to match other garden features, or just enjoy the natural colouring it is provided with. What to consider when choosing your garden arbour?
  • Some arbours offer more privacy and shelter than others; if your garden is overlooked you may want to go for a model that is more protected by tightly framed latticework, or even go for solid timber walls and roof.
  • The size of the gaps in the latticework can make a difference if you're intending to cover the arbour with climbers, so chose a style that suits the plant you intent to cover it with.
  • Look for an arbour that will fit in with your style of house and other garden features. You might prefer a contemporary shape if you live in a modern property, or a more rustic-looking model to suit a cottage setting.
  • Measure the space for your garden arbour carefully, perhaps leaving a small gap either side for pots of flowers or climbing plants, also don’t forget height as low hanging trees may get in the way.

Once you've Bought your Garden Arbours

Assembling your Garden Arbours

These products come easy and ready to assembly; all items come with full instructions and fixings provided so your own DIY project couldn’t be easier. They usually require a minimum of 2 people to put these arbours together.

Aftercare for your Garden Arbours

Forest timber items which are designed to be in ground contact will be pressure impregnated with Osmose Naturewood preservative during production, this is an effective method used to preserve wood against fungal decay and insect attack.

Osmose is a trusted name in wood preservation and supplies preservative products to a worldwide market. A decorative dye is also added during the preservative process to ensure every piece of timber is coloured and preserved at once, this colour will fade over time to a honey brown colour. Stains and water repellents may be applied immediately if required, providing you follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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