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Ironmongery is crucial for making any necessary cosmetic improvements or repairs to the external and internal doors on your property.

Ironmongery is an essential component in your home. It doesn't only function but through a variety of styles will enhance the overall look of your internal doors.

Our Range of Ironmongery

Explore our range of Ironmongery from industry leaders including LPD Doors, Dale Hardware and XL Joinery.

If you are looking to update your doors or need replacement of existing fittings, our range of door ironmongery can service your needs. This is by providing a full spectrum of components such as;

  • Handles
  • Hinges 
  • Door Locks 
  • Stoppers 
  • Keyhole Escutcheons.

You may be looking to rejuvenate the look of your cupboards with fresh handles or door knobs. This simple update can transform the overall look of your scheme effortlessly. We have on offer a comprehensive range of options to refresh the appearance of your cabinet hardware.

Ironmongery is also necessary for the general functionality and performance of your doors. We provide a variety of door accessory products such as hinges and latches for your doors. These are made from zinc, chrome or stainless steel finishes. 

Our steel ironmongery is durable and doesn't need much maintenance. Steel isn’t vulnerable to rust and comes in various degrees of fire-resistance. Our steel Ironmongery also does not need to be replaced as often for the above reasons. 

We have a very extensive portfolio of pull lever door handles and tradition door knobs. With both internal and external doors available as separate units or as part of full door ironmongery sets should be looking to purchase all items together.

Our ironmongery range has a look for both traditional and contemporary tastes. From decorative classic brass fittings through to chic and minimalist chrome. We provide ironmongery accessories for any budget. All our ironmongery products are from trusted manufacturers assuring you of both quality and style.

Ironmongery Fire and Intumescent products

Included in our Ironmongery range are some fire safety products. These Intumescent and Fire Control products are designed as accessories for your fire doors. These are intended to make them more efficient in the unlikely case of a fire.

Ironmongery Fire and Intumescent products include Fire and Smoke seals and Fire Rated Hinge pads. This new addition to our Ironmongery range is an ideal addition to your household.

In the event of a fire, fire and smoke seals expand, protecting the gap between the frame and the door. This enhances safety and slows down the spread of the fire and smoke. The seals also feature a brush pile to help with closing the door.

To some, these ironmongery products may be seen as a less important addition to your household. Being an important safety item we believe they are of the utmost importance. Along with this, these ironmongery products are made to the highest quality providing you with the highest quality of safety.

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Ironmongery Range Offer

  1. Image for Door Stop, Floor Mounted, Ø 45 mm, Aluminium
    Door Stop, Floor Mounted, 45 mm, Aluminium
    Out of stock
  2. Image for Door Stop Bright chrome Matallised Finish
    Door Stop Bright Chrome Matallised Finish
    Out of stock
  3. Image for Door stop, Floor Mounted, ¯ 31 mm
    Door stop, Floor Mounted, 31 mm
    Out of stock
  4. Image for Door Stop, Floor Mounted, ¯ 39 mm
    Door Stop, Floor Mounted, 39 mm
    Out of stock
  5. Image for Hafele Pocket Door Flip Up Handle
    Hafele Pocket Door Flip Up Handle
    Out of stock
  6. Image for Polished Stainless steel ball bearing butt hinge 102 x 76 mm Square corners
    Polished Stainless Steel Butt Fire Rated Hinge Ball Bearing - 102 x 76 mm Square Corners - Pack of 3
    Out of stock