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Damp Proof Course & Membrane

Here at Building Supplies Online, we offer building materials for any project Big or Small.

Our range of Damp Proofing includes Damp Proof Membrane, Damp Proof Course, Waterproof Membrane and Damp proof Membrane products from GYPROC and Visqueen available to help you with any DIY Damp Proofing project you need completing that requires a Damp Proofing product at great value for money.

Damp Proof Course & Membrane

The Visqueen Polythene range of Damp Proof membrane comes in various sizes and is Ideal for all damp proofing projects. This Damp Proofing product is designed to prevent moisture from external sources entering block and brickwork. The Visqueen PIFA Damp Proof Membrane is available from our range of Building Supplies Online Damp Proofing products of various thicknesses which are measured in microns.

This product is a high-quality Damp Proof Membrane that is made from reprocessed low-density polyethene (LDPE). This Damp Proofing Membrane stops moisture penetrating through floors and is suitable for almost all site conditions. It has a strong resistance to puncturing, although this will be dependent on your chosen thickness. CE MARK EN14909 Conforms to BS6515. Easy to handle Damp Proofing The GYPROC Damp Proof Membrane comes in 1200 Gauge Polythene DPM 4m x 25m which will provide damp proofing coverage for 100m² This Waterproofing Membrane is manufactured from a high-quality low density reprocessed polyethene (LDPE) and the Damp Proofing Membrane products from the GYPROC range have successfully prevented moisture penetration from floors for many years.

The Damp Proof Membrane and Damp Proof Membrane products from GYPROC are BBA approved, have an extremely high puncture resistance and comply with all the relevant Building Regulations. To ensure complete integrity of the joints your Damp Proof Membrane should be used in conjunction with the appropriate Jointing System.

How Long Does Damp Proof Membrane Last?

Damp Proof Membrane should last for the whole of lifespan of which the floor or wall it has been applied to unless it receives any damage to it. If the floor or roof receives any structural damage or a hole or tear, then this may affect the Damp Proof Membrane lifespan and would need replacing. 

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