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Cleaning Products

At Building Supplies Online we stock a large range of industrial cleaning products and cleaning chemicals including Mould Remover and Dust Sheets from the leading manufacturers Everbuild and Bond-It.

Below are a few examples of our Cleaning Chemicals, Industrial Cleaning Products and Dust Sheets but please take a look at our Building Materials section for other Cleaning Products that you may require. 

Dust Sheets

Laminated or Polythene Heavy Duty Cotton Dust Sheets are top quality cotton twill Dust Sheets with polythene inter-laminate stops paint and liquids passing through onto any surface they are being used to protect. These Dust Sheets are suitable for covering all types of furniture and floors and measure 3.6 x 2.7m (12 x 9ft). 

Brick & Patio Cleaner - Cleaning Chemicals and Industrial Products

These powerful acid based cleaning chemicals can be used to remove mortar stains from brickwork and are also suitable for cleaning Industrial products, unsightly stains, algae, most paints and oils etc from patio areas. The Brick and Patio Cleaning Chemicals provide a powerful cleaning action, are acid based, economical to use and can be cleaned up with water. 

Patio Wizard Concentrate - 1 Litre or 5 Litre is a new type of Mould Remover and Algae treatment that kills and cleans all types of green growth without the need for any washing off, scrubbing or pressure washing. This Mould Remover is totally safe and non-hazardous to children and pets once dry. Patio Wizard Mould Remover is made from biodegradable ingredients and does not include any bleach or acid contents. 

At Building Supplies Online, we are always on hand to offer advice and assistance with your selection of Cleaning products, Cleaning Chemicals, Mould Remover and Dust Sheets so feel free to give us a call or join us on livechat to discuss your requirements further.  

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