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Shower Trays

Shower Trays

Explore our selection of shower trays from well known brands including MX Trays, Just Trays and Kaldewei. Explore our impressive range of shower trays from industry leaders including Just Trays, MX Trays and Kaldewei.

Before fitting your shower tray, there are many things to consider, such as the size and shape of your bathroom and the shower enclosure above.

With all our shower trays coming in a variety of shapes and sizes you’ll be sure to find one to suit your bathroom. Our shower trays are available in four different shapes

  • Offset quadrant
  • Quadrant
  • Square
  • Rectangular

There are many shower trays to choose from depending on the size and shape of the space they are to be fitted into.

The quadrant and small square shower trays are ideal for compact bathrooms or en-suites and the rectangle trays suit a larger space. The free-standing and walk-in shower trays are great for a more modern and contemporary look.

Which Shower Tray?

Shower Trays are becoming more popular throughout most bathrooms. This is because people are beginning to adapt shower enclosures into their bathrooms. Shower Trays aren't just as straightforward as putting a floor for your shower to be above. Choosing the right shower tray is a big process.

We offer a variety of shower trays varying in size and brand. We intend to supply the highest quality of shower trays for you to choose from. Our Shower Trays are supplied in a variety of shapes. After choosing your desired shape to fit with your bathroom you then need to decide on a colour.

Most of our shower trays are a glossy white colour. But, we do also have some which are black, dark grey, blue, red, and green. Finally be sure to check the measurements you require. Our range of shower trays also includes a variety of measurements and sizes so we can supply the perfect size for you.

Be sure to fully search through our filters to ensure that you find the perfect shower tray for you. Certain shower trays have anti-slip material. Be sure to also look into the waste system for your shower tray.

Choosing your Shower Tray

Shower trays in a square shape can be positioned centrally against a wall or can be positioned in corners or alcoves. This design of shower tray is available to suit both small and large and modern and traditional bathroom settings.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to use up more space in a larger bathroom our shower trays in a rectangular shape may be a good option for you. This design of shower tray can be positioned centrally or against a wall to create a walk in shower feature.

When choosing shower trays you should check the weight of the one you plan to buy. Depending on the construction it may be very heavy and you may need help with moving it.

Another point to consider is where you can store the shower tray until you are ready to fit it. It will probably be on a pallet or large box and take up a lot of room.

For ease of installation of shower trays, it is a good idea to choose a lighter weight version. These are widely available and are just as robust and long-lasting as the heavier types. The lighter weight shower trays are made from acrylic for a smooth, easy clean surface. They are also popular as they are a more budget-friendly option.

Space saving Shower Trays

If you’re looking for a space saving shower tray our quadrant and offset quadrant styles are a perfect option for your bathroom.

By using a quadrant or offset quadrant shower tray, you can both save space and add a touch of style to your bathroom. These shower trays are placed into the corner of a room and have either a curved edge or an angular edge. This essentially removes the corner of a traditional rectangular or square shower tray.

By removing the corner off a rectangular or square shower tray, it allows you to create a comfortable and uncrowded space. Our shower trays have the option of being built in to allow easy and seamless access or freestanding for easy installation.

The quality and durability depend on the material of your shower tray. We offer shower trays in moulded acrylic.

Moulded acrylic shower trays are lightweight, easy to handle, durable and feature a stain resistant finish. This makes them a popular choice amongst homeowners and plumbers. If you’re looking for a hardwearing shower tray our stone resin models are a perfect option for your bathroom.

When you purchase any shower trays you may need to also buy a leg set, and shower waste pipe to finish the work off. There are also base sets to raise the shower trays up off the floor. If this is the look you are looking for, or you need to raise the base to incorporate the plumbing.

You should also check the shower tray is going to fit with the shower enclosure or doors you plan to use. You need to take in to account any tiling or shower panels you wish to fit as well.

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Shower Trays Range Offer

  1. Image for Kaldewei Superplan XXL 700mm x 1600mm x 39mm Steel Shower Tray White
    Kaldewei Superplan XXL 700mm x 1600mm x 39mm Steel Shower Tray White
    Out of stock
  2. Image for Kaldewei Superplan XXL 700mm x 1600mm x 39mm Steel Shower Tray With Polystyrene Support Base White
    Kaldewei Superplan XXL 700mm x 1600mm x 39mm Steel Shower Tray With Polystyrene Support Base White
    Out of stock
  3. Image for Kaldewei Superplan XXL 750mm x 1600mm x 40mm Steel Shower Tray White
    Kaldewei Superplan XXL 750mm x 1600mm x 40mm Steel Shower Tray White
    Out of stock