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Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom Furniture Range

In need of some Bathroom Furnishing? Building Supplies Online have a wide range that will complete and compliment your Bathroom appliances. Building Supplies Online offer a wide selection of bathroom furniture that will beautifully complete and compliment your bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom.

At Building Supplies Online we can offer an extensive range of bathroom furniture suitable for all sizes and styles of bathroom. We have all the bathroom furniture you might need, from essential pieces of bathroom furniture such as basins, toilets, baths, and showers, to bathroom furniture that provides the finishing touches such as mirrors , vanity storage units, and bathroom shelves that help to give your bathroom its special style and help shape your bathroom to suit your particular needs

We stock bathroom furniture from leading UK manufacturers renowned for their craftsmanship and stunning designs including Burlington, Hudson Reed, Vitra, Roca and Building Supplies Online's own range of stunning bathroom furniture: Hawke & Beck.

Adding a new bathroom to your home, or re-modelling your existing bathrooms is one of the most popular ways to upgrade your home to make it more comfortable for you, and to help increase the value of your home. And whether you are fitting or remodelling a small or large bathroom, an ensuite bathroom, or a cloakroom bathroom you will want to choose the right bathroom furniture so that your new bathroom is more comfortable and convenient to use, and helps your bathroom look its best both for yourself and for guests to your home. Our bathroom furniture range includes quality products from trusted brands such as Burlington, Ideal Standard, Roca, RAK, Vitra, Hudson Reed, and Twyford, some of the leading UK specialists in bathroom furniture. So you can be confident that the bathroom furniture you choose from our range will be attractive, functional, durable, and available at a great value price.

Choosing Your Bathroom Furniture

Our range of Bathroom Furniture vastly consists of Vanity Units, Mirrors, Wall Hung Units, and Drawer Units however the range continues so browse fully to create the bathroom you want. If you are looking to add continuity and luxury to your bathroom then we have an endless number of solutions to help you complete your look from mirrored cabinets to bath panels and sink vanity units of which you can add to your existing bathroom suite or if you need help with purchasing these too, browse our catalogue for wash basins, toilets, baths, showers or to make choosing easier we also provide all of these combined in a bathroom suite package for you.

Among the essential pieces of bathroom furniture you will need when fitting a new bathroom or remodelling your existing bathroom you can find a wide selection of basins in our bathroom furniture range. Our bathroom furniture range offers a choice of size and shape of basin, single and double basins, and basins with up to three tap holes. So whether you are looking to have a modern or traditional style, with a standard amount of basin capacity or a larger capacity for a two person bathroom, and whatever the style of bathroom taps you prefer, you will find the basin to suit your needs in our bathroom furniture range.

Our bathroom furniture range also includes a great selection of toilet units suitable for any size and style of bathroom. As with our selection of basins, the selection of toilet units in our bathroom furniture range includes toilets to complement a modern or traditional look in your bathroom. You can choose a standard back to wall toilet unit if you are choosing bathroom furniture for a medium or large bathroom, or pick a corner toilet unit if you want bathroom furniture that makes best use of limited space in a small bathroom or cloakroom bathroom. And depending on your preference you can choose a toilet unit with a standard cistern or concealed cistern to help achieve the look you want for your bathroom.

If you are looking for an elegant traditional design and feel to your bathroom then our Burlington range does just that. With bathroom furniture incorporating a turn of the century look you can turn your bathroom in to a room of lavishness and opulence. We have so many bathroom furniture pieces and ranges that will help you meet this classic look you are seeking.

However, if you are after a modern and contemporary theme to your bathroom then our list is extensive. Ranging in numerous styles and colours such as grey, oak, black, walnut, olive and white, we have a colour to suit your vision and needs. 

Our bathroom furniture ranges come in textured or smooth to the touch varieties and of course numerous widths, depths and heights. If you are looking for bathroom furniture for a room tight on space such as a cloak room or an under-stair toilet then we have a great variety of slimline vanity units and cupboards of which will still give your chosen space the luxury element and be very practical when it comes to using space wisely.

Want to add some extra practicality to your sink basin such as further storage solutions. Here at Building Supplies Online, we have a large range of Vanity Units which allow for extra storage which you would lose without the use of one causing bathroom clutter to be on show.

We all know that toilet cisterns are not very attractive so why not extend your bathroom furniture makeover with either a wall-mounted or freestanding 'Back to Wall' unit which conceals the back of the toilet and provides a further shelf for you to use. A 'Back to Wall' option allows you to continue your chosen bathroom furniture design throughout your bathroom for a sleek and an ultra-modern finish.

As well as the essential pieces of bathroom furniture, it is the supplementary bathroom furniture, and bathroom furniture accessories that shape your bathroom to your particular needs, and help you achieve the style you are after so you can really enjoy using your bathroom, and that will impress guests to your home. An important choice in this category of bathroom furniture is the right bathroom unit to provide the storage you need in your bathroom. Our bathroom furniture range includes an extensive selection of bathroom units of all shapes and sizes to fit almost any space in your bathroom. Our range of units includes vanity, drawer, and cupboard units for under basin, column units to make the most of the height of your bathroom, free standing units, or wall hung units where you want to maximise the floor space, and so on. Our bathroom furniture range also includes a great selection of bathroom worktops and bathroom shelves for those accessories and products that you use everyday and like to keep ready to hand. All of our units and surfaces are available in a range of finishes, from modern colours to natural wood effects, to complement your other pieces of bathroom furniture and help achieve your desired look. And our bathroom furniture range includes those finishing touches like a great selection of bathroom mirrors, in all shapes and sizes, from minimalist styles to accessorised mirrors incorporating storage cupboards, LED lights, clocks, and bluetooth for a truly luxury bathroom.

How to fit Bathroom Furniture?

Once you have found the best suitable option for you regarding your Bathroom Furniture, fitting the product is the next hurdle. However, at Building Supplies Online we offer a wide range of shapes and sizes, so more often than not the perfect size is available for you. For items such as Bath Panels and End Panels, we often offer the matching Bath suitable for these products meaning you can complete your whole bathroom with just a few clicks, making installing all your products easier.

Why should I design my Bathroom?

The bathroom is one of the building blocks of a household, so why not make it one of the most luxurious ones as well. When someone visits your home they will most certainly use your bathroom so our range of bathroom furniture offers products designed to a high-quality. With our vast range, you can create such an eye-catching room which also expresses your creativity and impress any visitors.

Bathroom Furniture Storage Solutions

On a practical side, if you are looking to add more storage options to your bathroom furniture then our bathroom furniture storage units may be for you. Our units range from tall tower units, side cabinets, drawer units, base units to vanity units encompassing your wash basin. Vanity units come in many different styles and practical elements from a slimline one door vanity unit right through to combination units which have multi cupboards and drawers. There is a solution for you but with the added benefit of matching your design choice as our vanity units can be continued through from our range of bathroom furniture. Our choice of vanity units can be either wall-mounted or free-standing however we do recommend still mounting your free-standing unit to the wall for extra stability and with the choice of a single or a double wash basin. If needing to extend utility space further within your bathroom furniture, we have simple shelves and shelving units in many of our bathroom ranges to gain the most use out of your bathroom space.

A mirror is not just a mirror at Building Supplies Online. We have a full range of illuminated mirrors and mirrored cabinets to work alongside your bathroom furniture. Mirrors are available in numerous shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a storage cupboard then view our wall-hung mirrored cabinets which incorporate the choice of a single, double or triple door depending on the size of mirrored cabinet you are looking for. These are also available with the option of lights for added luxury and practicality. The number of shelves inside the mirrored cabinet will be dependent also on the chosen size and measurements.

Of course, let's not forget about the bath. Many of our bathroom furniture ranges also offer matching side and end panels to continue your bathroom furniture choice through to every corner of the room for a stunning finish.

If you have any questions or need advice on our bathroom furniture range then feel free to give us a call, send us an e-mail or join us on live-chat where we will of course be happy to help.

Many pieces of our bathroom furniture come with a warranty, some even extending to a lifetime guarantee. See individual bathroom furniture product details for further information on their warranties.

Why not browse our range of bathroom accessories to complete your bathroom furniture project including bathroom taps, mirrors and handles.

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Bathroom Furniture Range Offer

  1. Image for Vitra Ecora Tall Unit Right Handed, 350mm Wide, Gloss White
    Vitra Ecora Tall Unit Right Handed, 350mm Wide, Gloss White
    Out of stock
  2. Image for Vitra Ecora Tall Unit Right Handed, 350mm Wide, Oak
    Vitra Ecora Tall Unit Right Handed, 350mm Wide, Oak
    Out of stock
  3. Image for Vitra Ecora Mid Unit Right Handed, 350mm Wide, Gloss White
    Vitra Ecora Mid Unit Right Handed, 350mm Wide, Gloss White
    Out of stock
  4. Image for Vitra Ecora Mid Unit Right Handed, 350mm Wide, Oak
    Vitra Ecora Mid Unit Right Handed, 350mm Wide, Oak
    Out of stock
  5. Image for Vitra Ecora Small Box 350mm x 320mm Wide, Gloss White
    Vitra Ecora Small Box 350mm x 320mm Wide, Gloss White
    Out of stock
  6. Image for Vitra Ecora 600mm White Bathroom Mirror Cabinet
    Vitra Ecora 600mm White Bathroom Mirror Cabinet
    Out of stock